Power BI Reporting: Actionable Insights for Trucking Companies

Customized Reporting Tools for Trucking Companies

Having access to precise and actionable insights is crucial. BeyondTrucks offers reporting tools for trucking companies that are not just flexible but also powerful. Our solutions empowers business analysts, FP&A teams, and operations managers to efficiently gather, combine, and report on data, turning what once was a Herculean effort into a seamless process.

Tailored Business Intelligence Solutions for Trucking Companies

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to reporting. With BeyondTrucks, you can customize your reports to meet specific needs:

Unmatched Analytics

Enhance customer reporting so they can’t live without you:

Provide your customers with detailed and customized reports.  Want to provide an SLA report showing your on-time deliveries to a particular customer based on your actual arrival time at their locations over the course of some time period -  In most companies this takes a team to deliver now this can be a basic report.

become efficient

Discover operational efficiencies WITHOUT moving mountains and data wizards:

Identify areas where you can save time and money.  Now it will be more about asking the right questions and measuring rather than trying to wrangle data sources from different silos in different formats.

strategic planning

Conduct true strategic planning that is more than crystal ball gazing:

Plan effectively for the second half of the year and beyond. And do with all relevant data whether its structured or unstructured or semi-structured.  Difficulty in gathering the data will be dramatically reduced and accuracy will go up.

Seamless Data Integration

One of the standout features of BeyondTrucks’ business intelligence solutions for trucking companies is the ability to combine various datasets. Integrate your operational data with external sources like:

Projected fuel costs

Weather Conditions

Traffic Patterns

Financial Data

Our platform leverages the power of Microsoft Power BI to provide you with robust reporting capabilities. Whether you need detailed customer reports, efficiency analyses, or strategic planning tools, BeyondTrucks has you covered

Transform Your Data Into Actionable Insights

See how BeyondTrucks can transform your operations to have less manual processes and better workflows.