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What Questions to Ask Your TMS Vendor About Reporting

In the trucking industry, comprehensive and accurate reporting is crucial for informed decision-making and operational efficiency. For trucking companies and field service applications, a robust Transportation Management System (TMS) should offer powerful reporting capabilities. Here are key questions to ask your TMS vendor about their reporting features.

**1. What Types of Reports Are Available?**

Understanding the range of reports available is essential. Ask about the types of reports the TMS can generate, such as operational performance, financial summaries, driver performance, and compliance reports.

**2. Can Reports Be Customized?**

Every business has unique reporting needs. Inquire if the TMS allows for report customization to meet your specific requirements, such as custom fields, filters, and layouts.

**3. How Frequently Are Reports Updated?**

Timely information is crucial. Ask how often the reports are updated and whether real-time reporting is available to ensure you always have the latest data.

**4. What Data Sources Are Used for Reporting?**

The accuracy of reports depends on the data sources. Inquire about the data sources the TMS uses, such as GPS, ELD, fuel consumption, and maintenance records.

**5. Are Visualizations and Dashboards Available?**

Visualizations and dashboards can make data easier to understand. Ask if the TMS provides visual tools like charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards for quick insights.

**6. Can Reports Be Scheduled and Automated?**

Automating reports can save time and ensure consistency. Inquire if the TMS allows you to schedule and automate report generation and distribution.

**7. How User-Friendly Is the Reporting Interface?**

The interface should be intuitive and easy to use. Request a demo to see how user-friendly the reporting tools are and whether they meet your operational needs.

**8. What Security Measures Are in Place for Reporting?**

Sensitive data should be protected. Ask about the security measures in place for reporting, including access controls, encryption, and compliance with industry standards.

**9. Can Reports Be Exported and Shared Easily?**

Sharing reports with stakeholders is often necessary. Inquire if the TMS allows for easy exporting and sharing of reports in various formats, such as PDF, Excel, and CSV.

**10. What is the Vendor’s Experience with Reporting?**

Finally, evaluate the vendor’s experience with reporting solutions. Request case studies or references from other trucking companies in segments like liquid and dry bulk, chemical transportation, petroleum transportation, and fuel transportation to understand their reporting capabilities.


Comprehensive and customizable reporting is essential for effective decision-making and operational efficiency in the trucking industry. By asking the right questions, you can ensure your TMS vendor provides powerful, secure, and user-friendly reporting features. A robust reporting system will keep your fleet running smoothly and your business competitive in the dynamic trucking industry.